Voters List
  Fashion Apparel Design
& Training Insitute
24-D Block-6,P.E.C.H.S
Karachi -74500

A Project of:
Pakistan Cotton Fashion Apparel
and Exporters Association
Sponsored by:
Export Promotion Bureau
Government of Pakistan

Drawback of Local Taxes

SRO. 809(I)/2009 19th September

S.R.O. 209(I)/2009 5th March 2009

Opening of Custom Exporting Stations

Extension in due date for

Extension in due date for Filling Return

SRO 524 - 11th June 2008

SRO 511 - 05th June 2008

FEOD44270 22nd Nov 2008

SRO 1055 - 10th October 2008

SRO 567 - 11th June 2008

SRO 566 - 11th June 2008


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